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Experience the Pristine Beaches of Bel-is, Buruanga, Aklan; Hidden and Boracay-like Paradise with Fine White Sand and Clear Blue Water


Bel-is is a barangay in the outline area of Buruanga, the westernmost town in the province of Aklan. Bel-is is a home to numerous white beaches such as Hinugtan Beach and Tuburan Baybay. It is also where Ariel’s Point is located, formerly called Batason Point, a popular cliff-diving spot that is 30-minute away from the world-renowned island of Boracay.

Photos of Hinugtan Beach, Bel-is, Buruanga, Aklan:

Glory and tranquility will welcome you as you marvel at the mesmerizing patch of land bounded by sea decorated by natural seascapes; where turquoise waters kiss white sand beach and corals painted with the colors of tropical fish. Where the hills and rocks come alive with the sound of birds and the views so spectacular, it’s breathtaking!

Hinugtan Beach used to be a hideaway but with the recent developments of local tourism and the increasing number of tourists visiting the beach, things have started to change. However, it's still a perfect place if you want peaceful and quiet, away from the crowd and nightlife.

Photos of Tuburan Baybay: 

Ariel's Point: 

In the heart of the boundary of Barangay Naasog of Malay and Barangay Bel-is of Buruanga and along the coast of Sitio Luyo, lies this unknown secluded beach. A haven of sweet escape, far from the maddening crowd. A paradise where silence joins the exceptional sounds of nature.

From Poblacion, Malay going to Sitio Luyo, Bel-is, Buruanga is an extraordinary journey of rocky, winding, steep, and mountainous road surrounded by a forest. Upon reaching the bottom, you’ll be bedazzled not only by the beach but by the entire package of the place. 

Crystal clear waters, seemingly endless white shores, scenic landscapes, diverse wildlife, surprising coves, exciting cliffs, rock formations, and warm people. Sitio Luyo is a paradise of its own and truly an exhilirating hidden place to visit.

Photos of Sitio Luyo, Bel-is, Buruanga, Aklan:

 If the pictures are beautiful, they don’t hold justice when you see them real.

Photos of one of our overnight beach campings with two of our outdoor friends, Clark and Jackie:


To all our who are interested to go to the beaches we've been, here's something we don't want to brag but we have to share in the name of environmental concern and advocacy.

We don't simply camp, grill, eat, make a bonfire, take photos and leave those beaches. Before we crawl inside our tent at night, we clean up our mess. We scoop up ashes (remains of the bonfire) and spilled food from the sand. Also, we wake up very early and spend time walking while carrying an empty garbage bag. Yes, we pick up plastics, bottles, and cigarette butts and bring them home with us (except if folks offer to throw them). And the most important thing, we smile and thank every person we bump into. Sometimes, we take time talking with them and/or playing with the kids. We immerse ourselves in their way of life and it makes us really happy and fulfilled when we go home. We believe, every traveler or tourist must take these things as responsibility or gestures of gratefulness. In so doing, we get the assurance that we helped the community we visit and didn't contribute to their ecological, marine life, and sanitary problems.

Let's protect and conserve our beaches and together we say, 'It's more fun in the Philippines!'

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