Watch: 1st Aklan Hammock Festival 2018 | rich'

Watch: 1st Aklan Hammock Festival 2018

Watch: 1st Aklan Hammock Festival 2018


February 26, 2018

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Rich is a former Systems Administrator who left his job abroad in 2016 and spontaneously went backpacking in Israel and all ASEAN countries for more than 7 months before he headed home back to Philippines. He loves history, culture, geography, photography, and explorations. While traveling, he keeps a digital journal of his experiences and make interesting stories out of them. Often, you can see him driving his scooter around remote areas in Panay searching for new mountains to scale. Traveling made him realized that travel writing is his passion. Now, he spends most of his time blogging and managing our website. He is a Tourism Promotion Services NCII holder and finds pleasure in supporting local eco-tourism.



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