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First Aklan Hammock Festival 2018 by Aklan Trekkers

Participants enjoy the hammock tower

On February 17th until 18th, 2018, a group of Aklanon hikers composed of I (Ritchel), Richard, Marco, Jackie, Clark and friends organized quite possibly the Aklan’s Largest Hammock Camping with a bit of festivity and a great cause.

This wasn't for any music festival, or for any company event. It was simply for the pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors, taking in the Jawili sun on a beautiful Tangalan day. A mixture of bright colors filled DENR Regional Training Center, Aklan Integrated Project locally known as Nursery as participants donned yellow event shirts and as hammocks of various styles and brands, mainly Dahon, Tingguian, and Naturehike, were set up between several pine trees. The venue was accentuated by the serene beach, beautiful orange sunrise and sunset, and blue daytime sky. Also, delicacies and local products were present at the event along with multiple slacklines.

The event started with preliminaries such as introduction of organizers, sponsors, and participants, followed by initial raffle draws and games. After lunch, everyone was encouraged to have nature time and photo opportunity. The afternoon was highlighted by getting-to-know games which noticeably increased camaraderie among participants.

 A huge bonfire was set up after dinner at the beach. Organizers gathered everyone around for the raffle draws and to witness the unique musical performance by the Dagsa Tribe sponsored by Boracay Eden Villa. Their music enthralled the audience and made everyone dance to their ethnic beat. It was a scene to be held on. The night didn’t end without the ‘hot seat’ interviews and talks over some booze. 

In addition to hanging out in the beach, a tree-planting activity was held at the deforested area of Brgy. Jawili the next day. Before that, the DENR-CENR Officer gave an orientation on how to properly plant the seedlings and grow them. Around 85 people woke up early, picked up two seedlings each from the nursery, carried them uphill and planted them with love and care. 

A hammock tower was also set up for photo-taking out from the efforts of the experienced hangers. After the break camp, participants were called for the final raffle draws which were truly enjoyed by the winners and sponsors followed by words of gratitude from us (organizers). Outside the venue, a truck provided by the Municipality of Tangalan was waiting to bring the participants at the Jawili Falls for a short side-trip and finally at the Tangalan Public Market where buses and vans pass by. It was a sweet goodbye. 

With the success of this event, Aklan Trekkers hopes to continue the event on a yearly basis, encouraging outdoor enthusiasts from different regions and local communities to get outside and enjoy a day or two at the park or beach while lounging between trees.

Every participant paid Php400.00 for registration and event shirts were sold for Php250 each. The proceeds went to the purchases for the event. Though we (organizers) went home shelling out some personal money, it brought a priceless feeling of success to us.  

Kudos to our partners: Summit Trekkers, Rich ’n Ritch - Serendipity Seekers, Panay Mountaineer, and Island Trekker

Thanks go out to our sponsors: Dahon Outdoor Apparel, Tinnguian Tribe Outdoor PH, Boracay Eden Villa, Roy’s Rendezvous Bungalows, and Team Nomad

Watch: 1st Aklan Hammock Festival by Aklan Trekkers

Watch: 1st Aklan Hammock Festival by Aklan Trekkers

 Big thanks to Christian Paul Bustamante for producing this video and to Clark for the drone footage! 

Now, we are inviting you to join us as we organize the 2nd Aklan Hammock Festival 2019 on February 16-17, 2019 to be held in Jamboo Beach Resort, Sitio Luyo, Brgy. Bel-is, Buruanga, Aklan. Check out our event page for complete details and registration procedures. This time, we are doing it for the benefit of Maytaraw kids in Maytaraw Primary School, Brgy. Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan. The group has successfully conducted an upland outreach mission to the said community last December 14-16 and will be bringing a second wave of help in April 2019.

Watch: Aklan Trekkers Upland Outreach Mission in Sitio Maytaraw, Brgy. Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan in partnership with JCI Aklan-Kalantiao

Watch: Aklan Trekkers Upland Outreach Mission in Sitio Maytaraw, Brgy. Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan in partnership with JCI Aklan-Kalantiao
Watch the full video of the outreach here.


January 9, 2019


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